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Learn to Play: Capicu

Knowing how to play for Capicu is the ultimate dexterity in domino playing. Capicu sometimes happens when the player has made the right moves and Lady Luck is on his side. But to consciously try and obtain a Capicu requires a great deal of knowledge about the game. In this respect, the game of dominoes is played similarly to the game of chess. Not only must the player remember most of the moves already played by all of the players, himself included, but he must also speculate and plan for several moves ahead. There is great satisfaction in having this in-depth knowledge of the game – especially when that knowledge and effort culminate in a Capicu. While they are on every player’s mind, Capicus are infrequent during a game of dominoes, even by the most knowledgeable players. Occasionally the round ends up in Capicu unintentionally, but to end up the round intentionally with a stone that fits both ends of the layout is extraordinarily difficult. Besides the issue of having or not having the required ability, oftentimes the stones drawn are not propitious for a Capicu. Additionally, the strategy requires complete symmetry between teammates in the making of the moves, especially at the very end of the round. At this crucial juncture, the teammate of the player that is about to make the Capicu must know the stone that is in his teammate’s possession, and he must facilitate the playing of the (Capicu) stone. We will be illustrating a round ending in Capicu in the 500-points part of this text.